We help our communities for a better tomorrow.

Our Mission

BLUPAC is an independent nonpartisan policy research and education institute that is dedicated to building a strong and a just California, while improving the lives of all of its residents through innovative ideas. Our aim is not just to enhance the conversation, but to help the state’s local and regional governments govern effectively and democratically.

Our Values

Our state must continue to be a special place for opportunity where all California families can pursue their livelihoods through a society that creates the substantial conditions for economic mobility.

We believe that in order for local and regional governments to be effective, they must earn the trust of their residents and act as champions for the commons over self-interest. Earning such trust requires leadership on issues that promote ethnic and gender diversity, supports green technology, sustains smart economic growth, builds affordable housing, assures the public’s safety, controls the proliferation of firearms in at-risk neighborhoods, and maintains the integrity of the political and judicial systems.

BLUPAC will oppose measures and institutions that are antithetical to progress for our system of government or which hinder the goals and values of participatory democracy.