Is it déja vu all over again with Mayor Gillmor?

In 1993 Gillmor is called out by SJ Merc for making Loony Accusations

In 1993, then Councilmember Lisa Gillmor tried to spend taxpayers money on an audit of her political enemies.  A June 21, 1993 Mercury News Editorial (below)1 called Gillmor’s actions “hysterical ranting and loony accusations”.

santa-clara-mayor-lisa-gillmorSecret Meetings?

Last week, as reported by The Santa Clara Weekly (article below) the Mayor held an unnoticed meeting; exclusively inviting only one news station to cover.   The meeting involved unwarranted demands and accusations by the Mayor regarding an ongoing audit that is not yet completed.  Are we witnessing déja vu all over again?

The Santa Clara Weekly newspaper uncovers…

“The meeting wasn’t listed on the City of Santa Clara website. It wasn’t held in City Council Chambers. Instead, the committee met in the adjacent conference room, which isn’t equipped for video or audio recording. And the only record is the private property of KPIX.”


1Noted reference: FOOLS’ ERRAND SANTA CLARA PREPARES TO EMBARK ON A POINTLESS PROBE. [Editorial] June 21, 1993. San Jose Mercury News.