For the Good of Santa Clara


For the Good of Santa Clara…

Former Mayor Patty Mahan

Patty Mahan is for the good of Santa Clara

  • Patty Mahan has served Santa Clara for more than two decades.
  • She has brought experience and leadership to her service on the City Council, as Mayor and as a volunteer on commissions and community organizations.
  • She is a Santa Clara University-trained attorney and strives to do what is best for the citizens, businesses and neighborhoods of Santa Clara.
  • As the Santa Clara Weekly reported, the most notable preservation project of Mahan’s tenure was the Ulistac Natural Area, reflecting “progressive goals to recreate indigenous landscapes, not simply leaving things as they happen to be at one point in time.”
  • The Weekly continued, “During her time in office the old Agnews State Hospital became the Oracle office campus and the thriving Rivermark community. A new state-of-the-art Kaiser Medical Center was built. A new, airy high-tech Central Library serving a diverse and growing population replaced an outdated one, and the Northside got its long-promised branch library.”
  • She brought architectural guidelines to help the city maintain its character while improving the environment.
  • Her vision includes passing a historical preservation ordinance,
  • She encourages stadium area growth to become an important regional tourism and entertainment destination.
  • She is a leader in supporting and rebuilding the historic Santa Clara International Swim Center.

Santa Clara Police Chief Mike Sellers



  • From police cadet in 1972 to chief in 2012, Mike Sellers has spent his adult life in law enforcement, protecting the citizens of Santa Clara.
  • A graduate of CSU Long Beach, he has obtained postgraduate certifications from the Police Officer Standards and Training Supervisory Institute and the FBI National Academy.
  • Chief Sellers, who joined the SCPD as an officer in 1985, is married to Gilroy Police Chief Denise Turner, and both are proud of their 31 years as police officers—so law enforcement runs in the family.
  • Chief Sellers is committed to continuing the SCPD’s long tradition of honest and ethical law enforcement.
  • He is fiscally responsible, and has reduced operating costs while still providing a high level of service to the community.
  • He increased public service announcements on Santa Clara’s Channel 15 and added Facebook and Twitter to the department’s communication tools.
  • He has worked with both neighborhoods and businesses to mitigate traffic issues.

Commissioner Dr. Mohammed Nadeem



  • Mohammed Nadeem supports affordable housing
  • He is a staunch advocate of parks and open space.
  • He fights for for low-cost utilities.
  • He seeks to improve the housing/jobs imbalance, reduce traffic congestion.
  • He is a  and expand services for seniors and youth.
  • A native of India, he believes in service-oriented leadership and a consultative and collaborative approach to public service.
  • He has been a Santa Clara civil service commissioner, a director of the Mission City Community Fund and a leader in the Santa Clara Rotary Club.
  • His voice brings diversity to a City desperately needing to hear from all voices in the community.

Councilman Dominic Caserta



  • Dominic Caserta was named “Teacher of the Year” and richly deserves the honor. His “part-time” job as a City Council member has been outstanding.
  • Caserta was a leader in supporting the minimum wage increase in Santa Clara and often stands with those who rarely have a voice.
  • A fifth-generation Santa Claran, his family has been active in the city’s civic affairs for more than 125 years.
  • His legacy of service, includes being a Council Member, Vice Mayor and Chaplain.
  • As a teacher for more than 17 years, he is a strong advocate for improving schools and preparing children for the society and economy of the 21st century.
  • As a Council member, Caserta helped to balance eight consecutive budget.
  • He advocated for park funding and a creek trail.
  • He helped the effort to establish the Northside Library.
  • He is an advocate for public safety and supports a fully funded staff of public safety officers.

Ahmad Rafah



  • Ahmad Rafah is a local teacher who has served on the Santa Clara Charter Review Commission
  • He served as a legislative policy director to Congressman Mike Honda.
  • He was born in a refugee camp as his parents escaped from Afghanistan. In America his father became a doctor and his mother a teacher. Following in his mother’s footsteps, Mr. Rafah became a teacher, saying “I know what it means to put people, especially our kids, first”. 
  • He taught math and science to Santa Clara students.
  • He advocated for the creation of a greener and healthier Santa Clara.
  • He supports a higher minimum wage for Santa Clara workers.
  • He continues to fight for a more inclusive and diverse Santa Clara government.

Former Councilman John McLemore



  • John McLemore has been a dynamic leader for Santa Clara for decades.
  • McLemore has led sensible transportation initiatives as a member of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.
  • He was recognized for his meritorious service as a National Guard Lt. Colonel during   Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
  • He has led efforts for more affordable housing
  • He is well-known for his volunteer contributions, including stints performing hurricane relief work in New Orleans and Texas after hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike.
  • He served on the board of the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA).
  • He is and advocate for women and served on the board of the Support Network for Battered Women.
  • For 12 years, he served on the board of the Mission City Community Fund.